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NAPALMA meets DA MATTA_Malzfabrik
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Try to imagine a group with "cross-over vibes" transcending from multiple genres, super contemporary, but also utilizing traditional rhythms from around the world.  NAPALMA is a WorldBeat project that mixes African and Brazilian sounds and percussions, electronic beats, brass and eclectic vocals, creating an explosion of grooves, conceived with a unique and original formula.

Cid Travaglia is the driving force and co-producer behind the powerful electronic programming and plays djembe, whistles, triggers samples and uses recycled instruments, such as a construction helmet. In concerts and in the studio, 

NAPALMA is a dynamic and collaborative project, with a network of different vocalists and musicians, maintaining the multicultural identity and energy for the dance floors.

They currently work with Brazilian singer, DJ and percussionist 
DA MATTA. Colorful melodies and beats powered by captivating electronic arrangements take on original forms, based on faithfulness to a variety of beats and voices. This creates an amazing trance.

For a complete and comprehensive experience, you need to attend their shows. In a few seconds, relax, you will dance and you will experience the '
Elixir of Life'.

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