Brazil meets Senegal in Berlin

NAPALMA is a Berlin based WorldBeat and Electronic Music project that started in Brazil in 2004 , with a modern, original and unique formula, reflecting the eclectic verve that called the attention of both, media and public through their powerful live performances in over 25 countries and featuring in the line up of Montreux Jazz Festival, Boom Festival, Cairo Opera House and Amsterdam Roots Open Air.

Try to imagine a group with "cross-over vibes" transcending from multiple genres, super contemporary, but also utilizing traditional rhythms from around the world. The new singer Abass Ndiaye from Senegal brought lyrics in Wolof, influences and melodies from West Africa, which gave a whole new shape to the Duo, but maintaining the multicultural identity and the energy for the dance floors with powerful and captivating electronic arrangements, varied percussions by Cid Travaglia on djembe, alfaia, shakers, talking drum and recycled instruments like water bottles or a milk pot.

The colorful melodies acquire original forms, based on a fidelity to a variety of percussive beats. This creates a trance that surprisingly is not based on a limitless repetition of resources. For a full and comprehensive experience, you need to attend their shows. In a few seconds, stay assured, you'll find yourself dancing along and never stop!