Try to imagine a group with "cross-over vibes", transcending multiple genres, using traditional rhythms from around the world, and sounding super contemporary. NAPALMA is a Berlin-based WorldBeat project that mixes Afro-Brazilian sounds and percussions, electronic beats, brass, and eclectic vocals, creating a groovy explosion, conceived with a unique and original formula that started in Brazil in 2004 and broke borders and barriers through adventures and experiences in over 25 countries. Their music continues developing and transforming.

Cid Travaglia is the driving force and co-producer behind the electronic programming, percussionist, and curator putting together a network of different vocalists and musicians. In concerts & in studio, NAPALMA is a dynamic and collaborative project. while maintaining the multicultural identity and energy for the dance floors.


Currently, they have been working together with Senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye, that brought lyrics in Wolof, influences, and melodies from West Africa, and with the Brazilian singer, DJ, and percussionist DA MATTA.Colorful melodies and beats powered by captivating electronic arrangements acquire original forms, based on fidelity to a variety of percussive beats and voices. This surprisingly creates a trance.

For a complete and comprehensive experience, you need to attend their shows. In a few seconds, relax, you'll find yourself dancing and never stop!

The highlights of the latest releases are the music video for '
Sunu Warëf', filmed in the Amazon Forest and 'URBAN ART Tribute', filmed in twelve countries, that is gaining momentum at the film festival circuit, with the award of 'Best Music Video' at SIFF - Swedish International Film Festival and selected for Festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Canada.