NAPALMA has got a whole new shape during 2019 having the new vocalist Abass Ndiaye from Senegal composing new tunes and performing his first tours in Germany, Spain, Egypt, Colombia and during the process of producing the New EP with five Music Videos to be released in 2020.

Napalma is a 16 years project that entails the exploration of our boundaries through adventure, they mingle afro-brazilian sounds and percussions, electronic beats, brasses and eclectic vocals as a groovy explosion conceived with a original formula.


Brazilian percussionist and electronic programmer Cid Travaglia's drumming style is the dynamite on wich Abass Ndiaye, Senegalese vocalist, guitarist and percussionist bounces with his magical playfulness and highlights
West African style and melodies, accompanied by a brass player to build harmonies and solos that make the audience levitate.

The colorful melodies acquire original forms, based on a fidelity to a variety of percussive beats. This creates a trance that surprisingly is not based on a limitless repetition of resources. Napalma managed to call the attention of both, media and public through their powerful live performances.

For a full and comprehensive experience, you need to attend their shows. In a few seconds, stay assured, you'll
​find yourself dancing along and never stop! 

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