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Based in Berlin, NAPALMA mixes Afro-Brazilian sounds, percussions, electronic beats, brass and vocals, transcending multiple genres, using traditional rhythms from around the world and sounding super contemporary. 

Cid Travaglia is the driving force and co-producer behind the electronic programming, percussionist, and curator putting together a network of different vocalists and musicians. In concerts & in studio, NAPALMA is a dynamic and collaborative project, while maintaining the multicultural identity and energy for the dance floors. 

Born in Vitória, Brazil in 2004 with a very unique sound and the spirit for travelling, NAPALMA broke boundaries living in the African Continent for one decade (South Africa and Mozambique), while building an international career doing performances in more than 30 countries.

The video highlights are '
Mbëguel', in Rio de Janeiro and Mozambique, 'Gëstou' in Berlin covered by snow, 'Sunu Warëf', in the Amazon Forest, and 'URBAN ART Tribute', in twelve countries, that received the Award of 'Best Music Video' at SIFF - Swedish International Film Festival.

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