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NAPALMA - 'Gëstou' - feat. Abass Ndiaye 

Brazil meets Senegal in Berlin

The collaboration between NAPALMA and the senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye has produced an exciting Chemistry of Music. 
The new song '
Gëstou' means ‘To Learn’ in Wolof, it has an uplifting energy for the dance floors with "cross-over vibes'', powerful and captivating electronic arrangements, synths blending with percussive Afro-Brazilian grooves and inspired vocal melodies from West Africa.


NAPALMA - Gëstou - feat. Abass Ndiaye' comes with the Original Mix and the Instrumental Mix, to be released on June 24
by LONA Musik, a Berlin Label, and supported by the GVL Scholarship Program, part of NEUSTART KULTUR.

Brazilian Cid Travaglia is the driving force and co-producer behind the electronic programming, percussionist, and curator putting together a network of different vocalists and musicians. In concerts & in studio, NAPALMA is a dynamic and collaborative project with electronic beats, live percussion, while maintaining the multicultural identity and energy for the dance floors.

The highlights of the latest releases are the music video for 'Sunu Warëf', filmed in the Amazon Forest and 'URBAN ART Tribute', filmed in twelve countries, that is gaining momentum at the film festival circuit, with the award of 'Best Music Video' at SIFF - Swedish International Film Festival and selected for Festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Canada.

Download Press Kit
NAPALMA - Gëstou - feat. Abass Ndiaye'



Cid Travaglia, Abass Ndiaye, Marcel Dadalto


Produced by:

Marcel Dadalto, Cid Travaglia


Recorded by:

Abass Ndiaye: Vocal

Cid Travaglia: Djembe, Repique, Snare, Shakers, Recycled Percussions Synths,

Marcel Dadalto: Synths, Drum Machine


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