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NAPALMA - 'Mbëguel' - feat. Abass Ndiaye | EP & Music Video

NAPALMA ‘Mbëguel’ feat: Abass Ndiaye
EP & Music Video on 26/05
Original Mix + Two Remixes + Instrumental Mix

Mbëguel means ‘Love’ in Wolof. NAPALMA and the senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye present one more exciting collaboration, a magical song, that starts with a Mbira, a traditional instrument from Zimbabwe, and build up with electronic beats, synths, djembe, whistles and vocals, it sounds transcendent and ethnic.

The Music Video, edited and recorded by Joás Santos in a terrace in the community of Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and White Sands beach, Inhambane Province, Mozambique.

Brazilian Cid Travaglia is the driving force and co-producer behind the electronic programming, percussionist, and curator putting together a network of different vocalists and musicians. In concerts and the studio, NAPALMA is a dynamic and collaborative project with electronic beats, live percussion, trumpet and vocals, while maintaining the multicultural identity and energy for the dance floors


The music production was crafted by Marcel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia, and
the artwork is a creation from the designer Tahian Bhering.


Press Kit (Download) - NAPALMA 'Mbëguel' feat Abass Ndiaye

Online Press Kit - NAPALMA 'Mbëguel' feat Abass Ndiaye


Download Press Kit
NAPALMA - Gëstou - feat. Abass Ndiaye'


Cid Travaglia, Abass Ndiaye, Marcel Dadalto

Produced by:
Marcel Dadalto, Cid Travaglia

Recorded by:
Abass Ndiaye: Vocal
Cid Travaglia: Djembé, Mbira, Whistles, Snare, Shakers, Recycled Percussions
Marcel Dadalto: Synths, Drum Machine

Mbëguel Music Video

Joás Santos: Editor and Cameras, Drone in Rio de Janeiro

Miguel Wilson: Camera in Moçambique
Cid Travaglia: Executive Producer

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