We are proud to announce to you our new release! 


‘A Big Funky Family – Vol1’ is the first of a serie of 3 volumes, each containing six songs created along many collaborators, music producers, singers and musicians around the world. The songs were crafted in Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, France, Brazil, Egypt and were all glued together by the music producer Marcel Dadalto in Berlin.


‘A Big Funky Family – Vol1’ will be launched worldwide on march 30 on iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp. Also the fans will be able to buy a Music Download Card at the shows and then retrieve the songs on the band’s website.


This new release brings new sounds and spices to NAPALMA, adding a catchy electronic arrangement on its massive tunes, heavily influenced by the music experiences throughout several years touring around Africa, South America and Europe.


NAPALMA’s ‘A Big Funky Family Tour' started on the 30th of march at Splashy Fen Festival in South Africa and continues to Pretoria, Namíbia, Durban, Johannesburg, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal.

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A Big Funky Family Press Release
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Urban Art - NAPALMA
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‘A Big Funky Family . Vol1’
Producers & Artists Collaborations:

Mista Monk (producer, vocal and electronics in ‘Coast’)

Rafael Jabah (producer, electronics in ‘Sometimes’),
André Nassur (guitar in ‘Sometimes’)

Paulo Bolzan (Art Design)

Said El Housani (Mizmar in ‘Gispy Arabian Nights’)

Nour Ashour (Mizmar production in ‘Gispy Arabian Nights’)
Peter Ayman (sound engineer in ‘Gispy Arabian Nights’)


Infrared (producer and electronics in ‘Love’)


Sanny Lys (Vocal in ‘Urban Art’)
Marcel Dadalto (music producer and electronics in all songs)
Rodrigo Cobra (Mastering)


Muzila Malembe (saxophone in ‘Save Me’),
Drdread Ras TM (producer and electronics in ‘Save Me’),
Filipe Soeiro (producer in ‘Sometimes’)



Milton Gulli (guitar, bass in ‘Coast’)


South Africa:

Teba Shumba (vocal in ‘Sometimes’)

Lu Chase (vocal in ‘Love’)

Sometimes - NAPALMA
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'A Big Funky Family . Vol1'

Gipsy Arabian Nights - NAPALMA
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