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A Mind Blowing Scenery for the Music Video NAPALMA 'Mbëguel' feat: Abass Ndiaye was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in several beaches in Mozambique, as Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane, White Sands, Pigs Island, Barra and Tofo.

NAPALMA and the senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye present one more exciting collaboration, ‘Mbëguel’, that means ‘Love’ in Wolof.  A magical song, that starts with a Mbira, a traditional instrument from Zimbabwe, that blends with electronic beats, synths, djembe, whistles and vocals, it sounds transcendent and ethnic.

The EP NAPALMA 'Mbëguel' feat: Abass Ndiaye comes with the Original Mix + Instrumental Mix + Two Remixes', produced by Infrared from Paris, and Pedra Branca from São Paulo, with Music production, mixing and sitar by Luciano Sallun and
Alani Marcel on didgeridoo.


The music production was crafted by Marcel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia, and 
the artwork is a creation from the designer Tahian Bhering. Released by LONA Musik, a Berlin Label, and supported by the GVL Scholarship Program, part of

The highlights of the latest releases are the music videos for 'Mbëguel' recorded in Rio de Janeiro and several beaches in Mozambique, 'Gëstou' with images of Berlin covered by snow, 'Sunu Warëf', recorded in the Amazon Forest and 'URBAN ART Tribute', recorded in twelve countries, that is gaining momentum at the film festival circuit, with the award of 'Best Music Video' at SIFF - Swedish International Film Festival and selected for Festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Canada.   

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