NAPALMA proudly presents 'Yobalema', the first material with the new singer Abass Ndiaye, from Senegal, who brought influences and melodies from West Africa, which together with music producer Marcel Dadalto, gave a whole new shape to the Duo, but maintaining the multicultural identity and the energy for the dance floors with powerful and captivating electronic arrangements, varied percussions by Brazilian Cid Travaglia on djembe, alfaia, shakers, talking drum, recycled instruments. featuring Daniel Zabon from Germany/ Kenya on saxophone on Saxophone and Mogo Naagba from Togo/ South Africa on synths. 

Yobalema' is sung in Wolof from Senegal and it means ‘Take me With You’, it is about two soul mates complementing each other in a relation that No One can separate between friends, couples and partners.

Yobalema EP' is a powerful pack including ‘Yobalema OriginalMix + Six Remixes’, produced by Marc Brauner from Germany, Mista Monk from Australia, Mogo Naaba representing Togo / South Africa, Sandman FR from France, Gutto Serta from Brazil / Berlin and The Phat Ones from South Africa.

Released by LONA MUSIK, the newest record company in Berlin, with the distribution network from Believe Digital, reaching the major music platforms in the world.

The artwork is a creation from Brazilian Designer and Tattoo Artist Rodrigo Tas.


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