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NAPALMA introduces the EPDrive Safe’ blending afrobeats and electronic global sounds, featuring Senegalese vocalist Abass Ndiaye singing in Wolof, alongside special remixes from international producers.


‘Drive Safe’ highlights NAPALMA's trademark fusion of pulsating rhythms and cross-cultural synergy in five tracks, including the Original Mix, an Instrumental Mix, and three cutting-edge Remixes crafted by the esteemed producers DJ Panko (Ojos de Brujo) from Spain, Mista Monk from Australia and Infrared from France.


At the heart of ‘Drive Safe’ is a powerful message that extends beyond the realm of driving. Through infectious beats and melodies, NAPALMA encourages listeners to embrace respect in various roads and lanes of life, promoting harmony and understanding in a diverse world.


The music production was crafted by Marcel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia, and supported by the GVL Scholarship Program, part of NEUSTART KULTUR Berlin.


"Brain/City" Art Installation and AI-Generated Characters in Music Video


Following the EP's launch, an enchanting music video complements ‘Drive Safe’, seamlessly integrating with the visionary landscape of "Brain/City", an art installation envisioned by Israeli contemporary artist Yaron Steinberg. Within this fantastical domain, AI-generated characters breathe life into the cityscape, enriching it with charisma and vibrancy, including the avatars of Cid Travaglia and the senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye.


Steinberg's "Brain/City", crafted from paper, string, and light, constructs a bustling metropolis, providing the canvas for vibrant characters brought to life through Artificial Intelligence, under the direction and creation of NAPALMA’s creative force, Cid Travaglia.


Prepare for a visually stunning adventure.

The highlights of the latest releases are the music videos for 'Mbëguel' recorded in Rio de Janeiro and several beaches in Mozambique, 'Gëstou' with images of Berlin covered by snow, 'Sunu Warëf', recorded in the Amazon Forest and 'URBAN ART Tribute', recorded in twelve countries, that is gaining momentum at the film festival circuit, with the award of 'Best Music Video' at SIFF - Swedish International Film Festival and selected for Festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Canada.   

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