Music Video & EP by NAPALMA


A journey about music and art that goes back to 2013, when Brazilian percussionist, music producer and a video productions enthusiast Cid Travaglia have decided to start filming Urban Art, one of his passions, as a hobby, while traveling around on band Tours or on personal trips, and that’s where the inspiration to compose music and lyrics about it came from.


This Tribute is a form to express gratitude to the street artists, for making the cities more exciting, colorful, soulful, and for creating a positive effect in people’s life day by day, 

NAPALMA have prepared two different releases: 


05/11: Music Video | ‘URBAN ART Tribute’ 

A self production Music Video filmed and crafted during eight years across twelve countries, diving into the street art universe with a huge selection of pieces of art from renowned international street artists, including Victor Ash (Portugal), Millo, Michelle Tombolini (Italy), Herakut, BLU, 'Mais' (Germany), Guache (Colombia), Cranio (Brazil), (Italy), Roa (Belgium), that, work in perfect combination with the words, electronic beats, drums and chants of the song ‘Urban Art’.

12/11: EP  ‘URBAN ART Tribute’ 


The EPURBAN ART Tribute’ brings the Original Mix + Instrumental Mix + Three Remixes, produced by Luna City Express (Berlin), Infrared (Paris), Gus What (Vitória). 

Urban Art’ was produced by Cid Travaglia and Macel Dadalto, it is an uplifting song with a driving techno base, beautiful melodies with catchy vocal lines from Senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye and pulsing percussions  including djembe and recycled instruments.

LONA Musik, a label from Berlin is our partner in this project.


Pre Listen 'URBAN ART'

EP 'URBAN ART' | Pre Listening